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Workers’ Compensation cases can be challenging and stressful for all parties concerned—employers, insurers, case managers and, most of all, patients and their families. Finding the right physicians and specialists can be a challenge.

At The Spine Institute of Southern New Jersey, we firmly believe that the standard of care should never be compromised just because an injury or illness is work-related. That’s why we are proud to accept Workers’ Compensation cases in our practice. We will provide an objective clinical assessment of the injury or illness, and a recommendation of the treatment plan that best supports the patient’s objective of getting back to normal and back to work. At the same time, we also recognize the need to work closely with the employer, insurer, and case manager, as well as the patient, to ensure a fair and financially responsible outcome for all concerned.

Dr. O’Shea has been taking care of Workers’ Compensation patients since 1997. We are an authorized provider for all New Jersey Workers’ Compensation payers, and our clinicians and support team are well versed in the procedural and administrative requirements, which will help ensure a smooth process and prevent unpleasant surprises.

To discuss a Workers’ Compensation case, please contact The Spine Institute of Southern New Jersey at (856) 797-9161.

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