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The back and neck are among the most complex parts of the human anatomy, involving elegantly coordinated interplay among bones, muscles, connective tissue, joints, and nerves. When things go wrong in this complex system, the effects—and means of management—can be complex as well.

Pain in the back or neck that persists over a long period of time can be especially troublesome to the patient and challenging to treat. While chronic pain can sometimes easily be linked to a specific injury or conditions, in other cases the underlying causes may be difficult to pinpoint.

Due to the complex relationships among the spine and nearby muscles and nerves, an injury or condition in one part of the neck or spine can cause discomfort in a distant location, such as a disc injury or pinched nerve in the back or neck causing pain in the shoulders, arms, or legs. Or a patient who was in what initially seemed like a minor fender-bender may, days later, begin to experience pain or mobility issues in the back or neck.

The clinical team at The Spine Institute of Southern New Jersey has the expertise and medical technology to get to the bottom of troublesome chronic pain situations to identify the cause and formulate an appropriate treatment plan. Treatments can range from conservative interventions like rest, medication, and physical therapy to advanced, minimally invasive, high-tech surgical techniques.