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Interbody spinal fusion enables vertebrae to be fused using a less invasive approach. It is used to relieve compression of intervertebral space that is causing pain from pinched spinal nerves. Usually, the compression is caused by a diseased or herniated disc.

The decision to perform an interbody fusion through a small anterior (front side of the body / abdomen) incision is based on such factors as the nature, location and extent of the disc or bone injury or disease. Removal of part of the lamina (arch of bone that covers the spinal canal), spinal process (the protrusions of bone that you can feel when you touch the center of your back), and diseased or herniated disc tissue, a small cage filled with donor bone is inserted into the intervertebral space, along with a screws and a rod to secure the two vertebrae. Bone growth resulting in fused vertebrae takes place in the months following surgery, as a biological response to the presence of the donor bone.